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Cowhide Bag/Wallet Care   Caring for your stylish new BRAZILIAN cowhide bag or wallet ! Your cowhide bag/wallet from The Cowhide Co is made using the softest, most luxe cowhide we can source. Colour variations and differing hair direction is a natural feature therefore each is completely unique. Over time hide may become shorter in areas that receive repeated friction. This is a natural progression of the hide and should not be considered an imperfection. In order to slow this natural process please avoid harsh wear, change the side your bag is wore on and store in clean dry area To clean the cowhide brush delicately in the direction of the hair to remove loose dirt. Then, using a damp cloth, gently rub the fur being sure to avoid excessive...

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Cowhide Care   Your new BRAZILIAN cowhide piece will give you many years of beauty and style with exceptional durability all with minimal care! Folding your cowhide rug is ok, but when unfolded you may have a few creases and wrinkles; these will drop out naturally over a few days with natural air and sunshine. If you want an instantly “wrinkle-free” rug – place a towel over the hairy side of your cowhide and use your steam iron to remove the creases. Cowhide rugs don’t tend to move much on carpet or wooden floors, the textured underside of the hide works to keep your rug in place. However Velcro dots or non-slip rug underlay can be used to minimize rug movement or wrinkling. **DYED cowhide contain colourant – to prevent possible dye transfer we recommend you use a non-slip rug underlay cut to size under your dyed cowhide rug. Cowhide rugs are fade resistant, but we recommend that you avoid putting your new cowhide in direct sunlight, as this may cause possible fading over time, especially our animal printed or dyed hides. Intense heat from under floor heating or heats is not recommend for your cowhide rug, this will over time cause your cowhide to dry out. Include your cowhide rug, furniture or cushions in your normal cleaning routine, simply vacuum or give rugs and cushions a shake outside to remove dust and dirt from the pile. A good shake outside with freshen up your cowhide rug! Rotate your rug or move it to a different location from time to time so that it wears evenly. Your cowhide can be wiped clean with a damp cloth – [not wet] and mild soap like shampoo. Do not soak the hide or get it too wet **DO NOT wash in a washing machine or dry clean. Spills like wine, coffee, tea, juice, food, soup, urine and vomit should be removed immediately to avoid staining – soak up spills with a paper towel or cloth. Remove any solid matter with the blunt edge of a knife, then wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth using a mild soapy solution. You can wipe and rub the hair vigorously in any direction, but smooth...

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