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Cowhide Curling


Curling is unfortunately something that cowhide rugs can do

There are a number of things that might cause your cowhide to curl on the edges
Poor quality is one, but even a good quality cowhide can curl up on the edges

Basically it is caused by your cowhide drying out and the skin is contracting
This can be due to heat exposure like strong sun, heaters or under floor heating
and normally happens over a long period of time

Tame a curling Cowhide

  • Lightly mist the top and underneath of your cowhide with water.
    You don’t need to saturate it, but just dampen
  • Place a towel underneath your cowhide and one on top of the curling piece
  • Pile up some of your heavy books on top of the curling piece and leave overnight
  • Or steam iron with a cloth between the iron and your cowhide

Voila no more unruly edges

If the curling continues to be a problem you can trim off the curling edges
Just use a sharp craft knife and cut from the underside of your cowhide.
Cutting from the underside cuts the leather but not the hair leaving you
a nice layer of hair falling over the edge

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